Add stuff to Keeple

Manage your stuff

Keep count, take notes
and set reminders

Share and sell unused stuff

Share & sell unused

Make consumption more rational

Specify a renter

Specify a renter

And don't lose your stuff anymore


Keeple App

Share with friends and sell unused stuff, such as a bicycle, laptop, snowboard or pram — anything!

Check friends' stuff for rent and sale

Keeple helps you manage whom you lent stuff to — specify a renter and don't lose your stuff anymore

Take notes and set reminders for each piece

Install Android app

Keeple app supports Android 5 and higher


Rational consumption
Keeple aims to make consumption more rational and therefor ecological. With Keeple it's possible to find and rent stuff — no need to buy extra things. Join the party and start renting and sharing stuff!

Trust & share
Keeple allows you to find stuff of your Facebook friends and friends-of-friends too. This lets you reach out so-called second circle of friends to make trustful renting and buying possible even more.

Self-regulated network
Keeple is naturally an unmanaging social network, there are no regulations of content you add as only friends can see your shares in the feed. However anyone can easily hide annoying proposals.



Hi there! I'm Konstantin Konopko, founder of Keeple.

Currently Keeple is looking for partnership and investments to grow.

Feel free to contact me, to get more details of Keeple plans to grow and also to discuss partnership opportunities.


iOS app

We are going to launch Keeple iOS app as soon as possible, so we gonna keep in touch with you.

Keeple won't spam you and share your email address with the third parties.