Add stuff to Keeple

Manage stuff you have

Keep count, make notes
and set reminders

Share and sell unused stuff

Sharing is profitable

Share own stuff to friends for free
or earn some by renting out
(also sell unused)

Specify a renter

Never lose your stuff again

Specify who you lend your stuff to


Keeple App

Start by adding own stuff you may share or sell to friends, such as a bike, laptop, snowboard, pram, etc. You can also share books and even vinyl records! 

You can also earn some by renting out own stuff

Check with your friends what they have to share, rent or sale, and find stuff you need

Keeple app helps you organize whom you lent stuff to — make notes and never lose your stuff again

Install Android app for free

Keeple app supports Android 5 and higher


Rational consumption
Keeple app is created to make consumption more rational and environment friendly. With Keeple app it's possible to find and rent stuff without any need to buy extra things at stores. Join eco friendly community and start sharing or renting stuff you don't use often.

Safe and trusted community
Keeple app allows you to see what stuff your Facebook friends and friends-of-friends have to share. This gives you unique opportunity to reach a huge second circle of friends to make safe and transparent transactions.

Self-regulated network
Keeple app appears to be naturally unsupervised social network with no regulations for content to be shared. Only friends and friends-of-friends can see your items shared in your feed. However you can easily hide any annoying proposal.



Currently Keeple is looking for partnership with developers, mentors and also investments to grow up.

Feel free to contact us about any details, growth plans and partnership opportunities.

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iOS app

We are going to launch Keeple iOS app as soon as possible, so we gonna keep in touch with you.

Keeple won't spam you and share your email address with the third parties.